With Personal Guidance

Our private healing sessions offer a unique blend of trauma, stress and anxiety relief, holistic wellness, and spiritual awakening guidance, tailored to your specific needs and goals. Under the guidance of Ami Elsius, these sessions provide deep, personal insights and effective strategies to navigate through life’s challenges towards a state of holistic well-being and authentic expression.

Ami Elsius

Holistic Health and Trauma Healing Coach


What to Expect


  • Customized Approach: Every session is tailored to address your individual journey, ensuring targeted and effective strategies for healing and growth.
  • Progressive Transformation: While immediate changes are possible, true transformation unfolds over time. Commit to the process for profound and lasting impact.
  • Holistic Wellness: Explore comprehensive strategies for achieving and maintaining peace, health, and freedom.
  • Guided Spiritual Awakening: Receive support and guidance on your spiritual path, facilitating authentic awakening to your true self.
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Trauma, Awakening and Wellness Coaching

      • We delve deep into the trauma recovery, anxiety relief, radical awakening and holistic wellness. The coaching sessions are tailor-made for each persons unique set of challenges. providing you with the tools and understanding to navigate your path towards well-being, freedom.
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Energy Transfer

      • Experience the power of energy transfer; for healing, raising your vibration, entering in profound meditation and deep self-knowledge.  Suitable for those seeking a non-verbal, energetic approach to healing and transformation. 

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You are welcome to write a bit about yourself, your current struggles and desired outcomes.

Why Choose AMi Elsius?

Ami brings a wealth of personal experience and professional expertise to each session, offering not just techniques but a compassionate, understanding presence that supports your journey to heal and thrive.


My Pledge to You:

A Journey of Transformation with Confidence

Embarking on your healing journey with me, Ami Elsius, is a step I honor deeply. I am so confident in the transformative power of our Private Sessions—focused on emotional trauma healing, holistic wellness, and spiritual awakening—that I offer you my heartfelt commitment: If you find yourself not fully satisfied with the progress and insight gained from our time together, I pledge to refund your investment in full. This assurance is valid for any concerns expressed within a week following our session.


A Gentle reminder

Our sessions are a complement to your journey towards self-discovery and healing and not a substitute to medical treatments or in contrast to any ongoing mental, spiritual or somatic practices you are already engaged in. I am here to guide you through the processes of dealing with trauma, enhancing holistic wellness, and unlocking your authentic self. Results can vary as each journey is uniquely personal. I suggest attending at least 5 sessions to start noticing the benefits of the private sessions.

Ready to make a change?

Let’s move forward together. Whether you’re seeking in-depth coaching or the transformative touch of energy transfer, I guarantee tailoring it to your specific struggles, needs and goals.


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