About Ami Elsius:

Guiding Your Path to Healing and Self-Discovery

Hi, I’m Ami Elsius, and my life’s journey embodies a quest not just for survival but for a profound, holistic well-being that integrates the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual facets of life. My passion for spiritual awakening and holistic health has been my compass and guiding for as long as I can remember.

Throughout my life I have tried many different meditation techniques, yoga traditions, retreats, health cures, various exercises and deep states, as well as held several healing and meditation circles and private sessions. Since early childhood I have had many ”super natural” experiences, mystical gifts, deep insights and direct experiences of oneness and pure love.

Ami Elsius

Trauma Informed Holistic Wellness Coach

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From Trial to Transformation

My story, from dream to nightmare, to awakening.  

My story is one of resilience, beginning as a globe-trotting creative, from managing luxurious spas to capturing the world through my lens as a photographer. Yet, my most profound lessons came not from my successes but from confronting my darkest moments. A dream of love and security transformed into a nightmare of abuse and loss, leaving me in the shadows of PTSD and stripping away everything I held dear.

I tried everything, from psychology to the law of attraction to positive mantras, visualization, and even self-isolation, and none worked.

In the solitude of my darkest hours, I discovered a profound truth: healing comes from within. It was through facing my trauma head-on that I found my path to recovery—not by escaping my reality but by embracing it and incorporating all aspects of my being in the healing process- mental-emotional-physical and spiritual. This journey wasn’t just about healing from trauma; it was about rediscovering my true essence, buried beneath layers of pain and conditioning. I started to see immediate results. Despite the fact that my situation went from bad to worse, I spent more and more time experiencing inner peace and security.

The Injustice of Unhealed Trauma

It became clear to me that living in the aftermath of unhealed trauma is a profound injustice. No one should navigate life disconnected from their true self, ensnared by persistent feelings of anxiety and confusion, of not feeling at home, at peace or safe. This realization fueled my mission to empower others to break free from the chains of their past, rediscover their unlimited authentic selves, and embrace a life of joy, freedom and connection.

As Your Guide

I bring not only my personal experiences but also an integration of ancient wisdom and modern science. My approach is not tied to any one tradition or teaching but is a synthesis of diverse insights aimed at fostering holistic healing and authentic living. I stand as a testament to the power of personal transformation, ready to support you on your journey from trauma to triumph.

We Are Here For YOU

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You Are Not Alone

In our vibrant community, you’re more than a participant—you’re a valued member of a family dedicated to mutual growth and healing. Here, every voice is heard, and every story is valued, fostering an environment of support, understanding, and shared victories.

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Vision and Mission

I envision a world where each individual can navigate life’s storms with resilience, finding joy and peace within. My mission is to inspire and guide you toward this reality, empowering you to reclaim your happiness, freedom, and authentic self. Together, we can transform the narrative of trauma into one of empowerment and fulfillment.

As you get to know me, you’ll find a partner in your journey toward holistic health, spiritual awakening, and authentic self-discovery. With The Ami Effect, embark on a path not just to healing, but to living a life rich with meaning and purpose.


The Origin of “The Ami Effect” 

The word Ami has a significance in all my 3 languages.

  • In Swedish it’s my name.
  • In English, “Ami” contains both the question and the answer: –Am I? –I am.
  • In Italian Ami means  “You Love”.
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Random Stuff About Ami

Have lived on four different continents

Have been bitten by a wide variety of creepy crawlies.

Love climbing trees, paint, sculpt, photograph, dance, dive and snorkel.

Survived a kidnap attempt with  spears on an uninhabited island.

Stopped eating meat in 1993.

Often flew helicopters as a child.

Talk a lot with my hands.

Don’t have a sweet tooth and am not fond of desserts, cakes and pastries.

Top favourites; my beloved child, my family, animals, elephants in particular, the sea, especially under the surface, vulcanoes, tropical waterfalls, the Swedish west coast and rainforests.

Learned to weld in my teens (mig, tig, arc and oxy).

Am an animal magnet.


 ✓ Speak fluent Swedish, English and Italian, and am slowly learning french and arabic.

Usually have silver tape and a knife available.

Unintentionally got a hammerhead shark on the hook, using only a hand-line in a dinghy.

Taught hang gliding as a teenager.

Easily get carsick but rarely seasick.

Got many inventors and artists in my family.

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