Experience inner peace, joy and security, regardless of what you are going through.  

I offer inspiring and transformational talks, coaching sessions, retreats, workshops and comprehensive wellness programs, with focus on self knowledge, stress management, trauma recovery, creativity and self love. 


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Whats wrong? How do you find your way? 

It’s common to let it go too far before getting help. 

Many people believe that the anxiety, trauma, fatigue and stress will pass or heal by itself. When we get good news, when we have flow, when we get something we longed for, or when we zoom out with movies, games, exercise or social media, we feel better temporarily and can be lulled into the idea that thats how to heal, feel better and comfort ourselves.

Often it’s hard to put your finger on what’s wrong, and it’s not easy to know what you can do to feel better.

What can I do for you?

I want to give you the tools so that you yourself can face, handle and overcome just about anything, even when you are in the middle of a difficult life situation. I want to share with you the insights and exercises that helped me go from being scared, helpless and anxious, to finding the calm in the storm, joy in hell and strength in the middle of the nightmare.


When you start to realise…

How you can put an end to suffering and find your inner peace, security and joy.

How you prevent and reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

How you can heal from trauma.

What you can do when life feels really hard and dark.

Who you are, your true self, your essence, your core.

With the guidance, support and exercises…

You transform destructive programming and patterns.

You are present, you dare more and hide less.

You communicate from your heart and act on your intuition.

You know yourself deep down and are authentic.

You feel inspired, grateful, calm, safe and happy.

Flexible solutions for businesses

A work environment where mental health has a central part, work is breeding ground for loyalty, self responsibility, meaning and job satisfaction. 

Preventing and alleviating mental illness is a scure investment that saves money in the form of absenteeism, workers’ compensation and rehabilitation, in addition to sparing unnecessary suffering.

Let’s talk about how we can tailor the program, workshop or coaching sessions to best fit your conditions, needs and visions.

Event & Activities

I hold workshops, wellness programs, talks, retreats and coaching sessions in both Swedish, English and Italian, as well as tailor events and trainings according to your needs, goals and conditions.

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Our tre 3 part mini course  

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 Online group study program 

You can start from the 16th of may 2023

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What do people say about Ami:

“When I meet Ami, I feel this strength, power, energy, zest for life and joy from her, even though she has been through such terrible things, and is still going through, she knows what life is about and she can convey it and understands other people. It is above all Ami’s nature that inspires me, how she goes her own way, has so much experience, is curious, powerful and strong, so broad-minded and empathetic and really wants to help others and continue to develop herself, she simply does not give up. I’m sure she will inspire many people, just by her presence and appearance. The way she meets people is so warm, nice and lovely that you feel confident that it’s ok, it’s going to be fine, that there is a way out.”

Marina Daleborn – Dental Hygienist

“I have known Ami Elsius for many years and it has really touched me how she managed to cope, even for a long time and at times particularly difficult experiences, as a mother, worker and woman. A story of suffering and deep pain due to serious injustices, abuse and mental violence that Ami has managed to face with courage, clarity and without ever losing her smile and positivity that has always made her look forward and overcome life’s trials. Her journey has been truly extraordinary and I believe her direct experience can help many people who are tested by life, not to fall into despair, desperation, anxiety or stress and to identify methods, attitudes, behaviors, techniques to create a positive inner balance and meet each challenge in the best way.”

Roberto Grossi – Founder of Federculture, Cultural Director & Professor at the University of Florence.

“I have never felt safe with psychologists who do not have proper life experience, but only base their practice on what they have studied. Because I didn’t feel understood, I got blocked inside and I ran away. Because Ami knows what it’s like to experience the worst, she understands what it’s like and expresses genuine empathy. Since I have seen how she time and time again, year after year, has managed to be strong, positive and peaceful no matter what she is exposed to, I can say that if anyone, she knows how to do it. It is Ami who has inspired me to start healing and gain self-awareness and thanks to her I have dared to start looking at, feeling and expressing emotions related to strong traumas that I have been through.”

Sabina Manci – Restaurant Owner

“I discovered meditation thanks to Ami, a very important turning point for me, and I don’t think it was by chance, at a really difficult time in my life. Ami managed to change the way I lived and perceived my negative experiences. She is competent, friendly, ready to listen and knows how to guide you into a state of mental well-being. Her meditation has changed my life and given me more balance, clarity and above all peace. Now I can handle everything with more calmness and therefore with more speed, as everything seems easier and clearer. I have finally found a reference point for my spiritual quest, which has always guided my life and now I feel at peace. I have gone through incredible physical and mental sensations and experiences, sometimes during meditation. Today I can’t imagine an everyday life without my time with myself, Thank you Ami Elsius”

Leonardo Ofria – Founder and Creative Director at Avenir Video & Photography

“Ami, a wonderful person, I met her several years ago and I and I fell in love with her professionally. I can tell you that she has qualities that are rarely found today; affection, sincerity, spontaneity and depth. She has an incredible ability to deal with difficult times and with it also the ability to successfully pass it on to other people who are going through difficulties. For me, she has been, and is, a fantastic source of inner and professional development.”

Miriana Kondic – Broker and Travel Agency Owner

 My why

This is not a job for me, its a passion, a mission and my life purpose.


To inspire people to get to know themselves deeply and show a simple and direct path to better self-confidence, greater presence, deeper security and a happier mood.

To assist as many people as possible, to be able to face, manage and overcome difficult life situations and periods.

To show how you can heal from trauma and mental heath problems, even when you are in the middle of the storm.


I see a world where the majority of humanity has self-awareness, feels safe, happy and curious, where we treat ourselves, each other, animals and nature with respect, love, patience and gratitude.

Remember this!

Without the mud & dark waters – No lotus flower

Without being immobilised in the cocoon – No butterfly

Without the high pressure – No diamond

Without the bud breaking – No flower

Without the pain – No “wake up call”

Help me understand your needs better

Regardless if you just want more information, would like to suggest something or get help and support, try to be as clear as possible about your struggles and the desired outcome. 

Here you can book private coaching sessions

A coaching session lasts 50 min. 


Ami has her base in both Italy and Sweden


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