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The Ami Effect:

Your Sanctuary for Emotional Trauma Healing and Authentic Self-Discovery  

We help you heal emotional trauma and discover your peaceful unlimited self. We equip you with the tools, guidance and support, to be resilient, more happy, secure and healthy.

Heal Emotional Trauma, Embrace Spiritual Awakening, Life Transformation and Authentic Connections | Join The Ami Effect Community Today!

Emotional Trauma Healing and Spiritual Awakening Guidance

Holistic Health and Wellbeing is Our Passion and Purpose

The symptoms you’re experiencing—sleep issues, persistent stress and anxiety, or a sense of unworthiness, loneliness or feeling lost—are signals pointing to a deeper issue: unhealed emotional trauma and a disconnection from your authentic self. Your ultimate aspiration is clear: to attain a state of happiness, peace, and freedom, deeply rooted in security and authentic expression.

Don’t Stumble Alone in The Dark

From Darkness to Light 

    The journey ahead, while challenging at times, is not one you have to undertake alone. I, Ami Elsius, having experiences abuse and severe trauma, haven’t just healed from PTSD, but now know my divine essence, would like to be your guide. Drawing from my own journey, I combine the wisdom of ancient practices with the insights of modern psychology to illuminate your path toward healing, holistic well-being and self-realization.

    Profound Healing and Authentic Awakening

    Your Path to Lasting Personal Transformation

      Tired of all the ineffective quick fixes and fleeting solutions?

      At The Ami Effect, our commitment extends beyond temporary relief to offer a profound and tangible transformation. Our holistic approach to trauma healing, spiritual awakening, and stress and anxiety relief provides powerful, actionable solutions. Guiding you every step of the way, we help you heal emotional wounds, rediscover your inner essence, and achieve significant life changes, all within a nurturing community setting.

      With our clear, step-by-step guide, we support your transition from a place of emotional pain and confusion to a state of healing, connection, and joyous authenticity.

      Connect and Flourish in Our Community

      Discover a sense of belonging in a community that truly gets it. Our array of events and digital interactions offers endless opportunities for engagement, growth, and genuine connections. We offer a safe and loving space, freestanding from social media.

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      Tailored Healing and Growth Solutions 

      Holistic Trauma Healing Program

      • A meticulously crafted program providing a comprehensive healing experience from the ground up.


      Masterclasses and Resources

      • Unlock access to a vast array of supportive tools and enlightening teachings in out commmunity.


      Corporate Wellness 

      • Enhance your team’s well-being with our bespoke solutions, cultivating a culture of mental health and satisfaction.


      Retreats for Renewal

      • Immerse yourself in tranquility, fostering deeper connections and personal growth.


      Vision and Mission

      A World of Authenticity and Love

        At The Ami Effect, we’re committed to turning trauma into triumph and transforming the false sense of self, into genuine self-knowledge, exploring our full potential. Everyone deserves be happy, peaceful and free. Every trauma healed and everyone that awaken spiritually, effects the collective, contributing to a better world.

        The Urgency of Now

        The Risks of Inaction

          Time doesn’t heal trauma. Ignoring the wounds of the past risks deepening and cementing them them. Without taking proven steps towards healing holistically, you’re at risk of remaining trapped in a cycle of pain, anxiety, illness and unfulfilled potential.

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          Embrace Transformation

          Join The Ami Effect

          The path to recovery, illuminated by The Ami Effect, is an essential step towards avoiding spending the rest of your life unhappy, unaware of your true unlimited and peaceful self.

          It’s time to step forward into a life unbound by emotional trauma and unveiled by the layers of societal conditioning. The Ami Effect offers a pathway to healing, guiding you to embrace your authentic self and unlock a future filled with unlimited potential, inner peace, and genuine transformation. Begin your journey of profound change today.


          Ready to Transform Your Life?

          Join The Ami Effect Community! 

          Don’t let another moment pass overshadowed by anxiety, chronic stress, feeling lost, lonely or depressed.The time to act is now. The Ami Effect is here to support you through every step of your journey towards awakening, healing, and transformation.

          Embrace your path to a happier, more peaceful, and authentically free existence today. Join our community and take that pivotal step towards a more fulfilled and holistically healthy life.


          Read other people's experiences.

          Testimonial for Ami Elsius

          “I recommend Ami because she eats the food that she cooks. She has tried the strategies and techniques that she is sharing. In contrast to me, that's a clinical psychologist; I have not tried most of the techniques I recommend. I have read them in a book and done a workshop, whilst Ami has applied them in her own life. That's a great strength.”

          Samuel West - Clinical Psychologist

          Sabina Testimonial Ami Elsius Life Coach Spiritual Mentor Teacher TheAmiEffect

          "I have never felt safe with psychologists who do not have proper life experience, but only base their practice on what they have studied. Because I didn't feel understood, I got blocked inside and I ran away. Because Ami knows what it's like to experience the worst, she understands what it's like and expresses genuine empathy. Since I have seen how she time and time again, year after year, has managed to be strong, positive and peaceful no matter what she is exposed to, I can say that if anyone, she knows how to do it. It is Ami who has inspired me to start healing and gain self-awareness and thanks to her I have dared to start looking at, feeling and expressing emotions related to strong traumas that I have been through.”

          Sabina Manci - Restaurant Owner

          Leo Testimonial Ami Elsius Life Coach Spiritual Mentor Teacher TheAmiEffect

          "I discovered meditation thanks to Ami, a very important turning point for me, and I don't think it was by chance, at a really difficult time in my life. Ami managed to change the way I lived and perceived my negative experiences. She is competent, friendly, ready to listen and knows how to guide you into a state of mental well-being. Her meditation has changed my life and given me more balance, clarity and above all peace. Now I can handle everything with more calmness and therefore with more speed, as everything seems easier and clearer. I have finally found a reference point for my spiritual quest, which has always guided my life and now I feel at peace. I have gone through incredible physical and mental sensations and experiences, sometimes during meditation. Today I can't imagine an everyday life without my time with myself, Thank you Ami Elsius"

          Leonardo Ofria - Founder and Creative Director at Avenir Video & Photography

          Roberto Testimonial Ami Elsius Life Coach Spiritual Mentor Teacher TheAmiEffect

          “I have known Ami Elsius for many years and it has really touched me how she managed to cope, even for a long time and at times particularly difficult experiences, as a mother, worker and woman. A story of suffering and deep pain due to serious injustices, abuse and mental violence that Ami has managed to face with courage, clarity and without ever losing her smile and positivity that has always made her look forward and overcome life's trials. Her journey has been truly extraordinary and I believe her direct experience can help many people who are tested by life, not to fall into despair, desperation, anxiety or stress and to identify methods, attitudes, behaviors, techniques to create a positive inner balance and meet each challenge in the best way."

          Roberto Grossi - Founder of Federculture, Cultural Director & Professor at the University of Florence.

          Marina Testimonial Ami Elsius Life Coach Spiritual Mentor Teacher TheAmiEffect

          "When I meet Ami, I feel this strength, power, energy, zest for life and joy from her, even though she has been through such terrible things, and is still going through, she knows what life is about and she can convey it and understands other people. It is above all Ami's nature that inspires me, how she goes her own way, has so much experience, is curious, powerful and strong, so broad-minded and empathetic and really wants to help others and continue to develop herself, she simply does not give up. I'm sure she will inspire many people, just by her presence and appearance. The way she meets people is so warm, nice and lovely that you feel confident that it's ok, it's going to be fine, that there is a way out.”

          Marina Daleborn - Dental Hygienist


          Miriana Testimonial Ami Elsius Life Coach Spiritual Mentor Teacher TheAmiEffect

          "Ami, a wonderful person, I met her several years ago and I and I fell in love with her professionally. I can tell you that she has qualities that are rarely found today; affection, sincerity, spontaneity and depth. She has an incredible ability to deal with difficult times and with it also the ability to successfully pass it on to other people who are going through difficulties. For me, she has been, and is, a fantastic source of inner and professional development."

          Miriana Kondic - Broker and Travel Agency Owner

          Testimonial for The Ami Effect - Avichai Arbiv - Operational Education Manager

          “At times, even though I'm very solution-oriented, I got blockages. With Ami, I could be completely authentic, cry and express my emotions freely. Thanks to her, I got centred and collected, got myself out of those thought patterns and could look past my situation and identify what tools I have to handle my circumstances. I even had a spiritual experience, it's as she gave me a little flutter with her wings. She's extraordinary.”

          Avichai Arbiv - Operational Education Manager

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