Find Your Purpose and Nr 1 Passion in Life

Find Your Purpose and Nr 1 Passion in Life

Find Your Purpose and Nr 1 Passion in Life

Do you feel stressed over the fact that you don’t know what your purpose, passion and calling in life is?

Do you think that you need to know what your purpose is, in order to be happy and feel that your life has meaning? 

What if you don’t feel passionate about anything or that you have so many things you love that you can’t narrow it down to one main thing that is your calling and purpose?

No need to stress, you don’t need to know your purpose and calling in order to feel joy and self love. 

My Cousin Artist Lisa Larsson Painting Outdoors in Sicily, Photo: Ami Elsius How to find your passion and purpose in life

Find your purpose and passion in life with our 10 question guide. Addressing the ADHD dilemma of having too many passions as well as numb and depressed individuals lack of interests. 

No, That is Not True, He Said Frustrated.

When I read my partner this draft he wasn’t having it. He got triggered and was really upset with me. He said “The purpose of life is to give meaning to life. He knows his purpose, the “why” and his driving force in his work. He’s even worked with that for many years, helping leaders and companies understand their why, their purpose and direction. 

He continued to tell me that the reason people are unhappy is because they lack meaning, they walk around like zombies or float around without a compass and a north star. How could I come and say that you can be happy without knowing your purpose! That went against everything he had learnt, taught and believed in over the last couple of decades.

How to Find Your Purpose and Nr. 1 Passion in Life.

How to find your purpose and passion is a hot topic, there are over a hundred thousand book titles that talk about how you can find your passion and, or, your life purpose. We have been sold this idé that we should have a main passion, something that we are good at and that our purpose in life, our calling, and that our mission on earth is turning that passion in to work or a full time hobby.

Ami Elsius free diving in the mediterranean sea, one of her great passions. How to find your passion and purpose in life.
Ami Elsius playing with elephant on a beach in the Andaman Islands. A lifelong love for elephants. How to find your purpose and passion in life

In the self improvement, success striving, productivity oriented, consumer based society in which we live, yes it is very important to have a purpose. If we however look at it from a much deeper, spiritual or philosophical viewpoint, we don’t need to do anything, be anyone, be anywhere or achieve anything in order to be happy.

Happiness and love is our foundation, our essence, our divine nature. The purpose of life is to live it, to just be and to know thyself. But that is not in contrast to being passionate about things, to have a purpose and create meaning. That is something that often happens automatically, once you start to awaken to your true nature. 

Find out your Dharma, life purpose, mission and true passion

10 Questions to Find Your Purpose and Passion in Life. 

What Energizes You?

Think about activities that leave you feeling more alive and energized. This can reveal hidden passions or interests.

Moments of Flow

Recall times when you lost track of time while engaged in an activity. What were you doing? This can be a clue to activities that resonate deeply with you.

Childhood Joys

What did you love doing as a child? Childhood activities often hold keys to our innate passions and interests.

Your Ideal Day

Imagine a day with no obligations. What would you choose to do? This can reveal what genuinely interests you when external pressures are removed.

Contributions to the World

Consider what positive changes or contributions you’d like to make in the world. This can align with deeper values and purpose.

Overcoming Obstacles

Reflect on challenges you’re willing to face to do what you love. This helps identify passions you’re truly committed to.

Your Legacy

Think about how you want to be remembered. What legacy do you want to leave behind? This can help align your actions with deeper purpose.

Life Without Limits

If there were no barriers, what would you pursue? Removing limitations can help uncover true desires and aspirations.

Inner Fulfillment

Identify activities that bring a sense of fulfilment and inner joy, regardless of external rewards.

Life’s Teachings

Reflect on what you wish you knew earlier in life. Sharing this wisdom can become a part of your purpose.

When You Find Your Purpose, Follow It!

Now look at your answers and ask yourself if you have been totally authentic in your answers, or if your answers have been tinted by societal norms, or expectations from loved ones.

It’s also important to keep in mind that if you notice what you have a gift for, to not judge it, thinking that it’s not that important or that you would like another gift instead. Don’t think about if it will make you money and bring you fame, nor that you have to accomplice something great and significant in the world. Just follow what makes you happy and what energises you.

Once you have identified your purpose, don’t ignore it or put it on hold. When we ignore our calling we suffer. Follow it, practice it, learn about it, get better at it, teach it.

Ami Elsius meditating at sunset on a mountain in Ibiza. Symbolizing the importance of emotional trauma healing in self-discovery and  holistic well-being.
ADHD – Renaissance Man or Woman

What If You Have Many Passions and Interests?

But, what about if you have ADHD or are a renaissance man or woman like I am, with many passions, many things that you love doing and are good at doing? How do you identify and pick only one passion to be your life purpose? 

I’ve been constantly pressured since my teens, by a myriad of people and society in general, to just pick one out of all my passions and only focus on that. But it’s impossible for me. 

I’m really passionate about photography, well most creative forms of expression really, like painting, sculpting, welding, make up and body painting, making jewellery etc, untouched nature, the sea, massage and alternative therapies, tantra, sexual energy, healthy food and natural remedies, dance, yoga, diving and snorkling, hiking, animals, travelling and connecting with different cultures, cooking, children, meditation, self knowledge and spirituality, metaphysics, feminism, human rights, music, innovation, architecture and interior design, theatre, music and dance performances, art exhibitions, living off the grid, extreme survival, flying…just to mention a few hahah. 

I have also worked with many of these passions.

This Helped me Narrow it down

Find The Common Threads In Your Passions

Zooming out, I asked myself what they have in common and why I love these things. I found two main categories; One where the focus is on seeing people and children, making them feel like they matter, assisting them with their self-esteem, self-love, emotional healing and self-discovery, giving them hope and inspiration. That gives me a feeling of service, purpose and connection. 

Working as a life-coach, photographer, as a therapist and previously also as a spa manager, make up artist, hair stylist, art teacher and english teacher, that’s what I was doing. 

The other category is where I lose myself in the now, get in the flow, don’t think and refuel my batteries. Being creative, in untouched  nature, emerged in the sea, making love, dancing, practizing yoga, watching natural as well as man made beauty, connecting with animals and hanging out with children energizes me and puts a smile on my face. 

Having identified two categories that energize and resonate with me, makes it easier to understand my passion and purpose, instead of just seeing hundreds of seemingly separate and random things. Try doing the same.

Dissassociation and Depression 

What if You Don’t Feel Passionate About Anything?

But, if you have ever been depressed, suffered from fatigue, anxiety or panic attacks, being in touch with or identifying your passion is not really an option when you feel empty, scared and drained. Thinking about finding your passion or life purpose when you feel like that, only tends to make it worse, increasing your inner stress. 

Especially if you feel that you need to know your passion and purpose, in order to feel better, then it becomes a catch 22. The reason you feel lost, unfulfilled and unhappy has little to do with you finding your passion and purpose, according to me. That will all come naturally once you have addressed some other things first.

Young woman standing in water, symbolizing depression and numbness. Then it's not easy to find your purpose and passion in life.

You Feel Bad or Numb Because You Are:

Living with emotional trauma

You have not looked at and healed your traumas, understood your triggers and reactive patterns or faced your shadow side.

Trying to escape pain

You try to escape from feeling pain and do everything to avoid the “negative” feelings. Distract, numb, attack, flee, engage in addictive behaviours or unhealthy coping mechanisms to not face your emotional pain.

Fighting the Now

You dwell on the past or long for the future. You have resistance to the present moment, have ideas about the now and are constantly commenting, comparing, judging, explaining, justifying, blaming, naming, categorising, trying to figure out what it means, drawing parallels, making it personal about yourself. You constantly try to repel something or attract someone, instead of being open and experiencing that which is, in a factual, neutral way.

Lacking Self-Knowledge

You don’t really know yourself, you have forgotten about or overlooked your core, your essence, your divine nature, because you identify with external factors and social conditioning, feeling separate and limited. Your actions, views and choices come from ego and are based on fears, strategies, desires and addictions.

Letting negative thoughts rule

You take your thoughts too seriously, believe in them, identify with them and let them dictate your mood, interactions and actions.

Experiencing the world through filters

You experience the world, life, others, and yourself through a thick layer of filters. These filters consist of your masks and roles to fit in and be loved and accepted, be safe or not to disappoint people, your strategies to get what you want and need, your armour and shields to avoid getting hurt, and your programming and emotional traumas.

comprehensive step-by-step trauma recovery program 

I Recommend Signing Up For Our Trauma Healing Program 

If you recognize yourself in the above descriptions, you are probably living with unhealed emotional trauma. Trauma does not heal on it’s own with time and talk therapy only helps partially. To heal effectively from the root up, a holistic approach  is needed, addressing all parts of your being. Click the button below to find out more and start today.

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Do this to feel better

8 Keys to Happiness and Self-Love

A lot of people also confuse passion with egoic desires and addictions. Sure, those might give you a dopamine high, an adrenalin kick and an ego boost, but it’s not going to help you feel fulfilled in the long run. Most of us look for our purpose and passion because we don’t feel good, and we think it will make us happy and make life meaningful.

But when we don’t feel the passion, cannot narrow it down, or don’t seem to find our purpose, we tend to feel worse, and our inner stress can escalate.Then I can recommend having a look at these 8 main keys to self-love and happiness, which has helped me tremendously.

By following these 8 guides, you will lower the volume of your monkey mind so you can hear your heart. You will be able to see if your passion is driven by your ego or if it comes from your presence or your heart. You will automatically follow what energises you, and that will become your purpose and guiding star, even if the road is rocky and it takes some time to crystallise.

1. De-programming, the process of unlearning and de-identifying things that other people have told you about yourself and the world. The big cleanup of old assumptions, negative beliefs, false identifications as well as understanding your triggers, behaviour patterns, addictions and external identifications.

2. Land or ground yourself in the present moment as often as you can remember by becoming aware of your breath, your senses, or your bodily sensations.

3. Observing your thoughts and learning not to take them so seriously.

4. Daring to bravely feel what is, becoming friends with the now, even when it is painful.

5. Identify your values and live as authentically as possible.

6. Giving thanks to the things that you are grateful for.

7. Getting to know your essence, focusing on the conscious presence, the subject that is experiencing and observing everything, instead of getting caught up in and identifying with all the external objects.

8. Heal your emotional traumas holistically, from the root up.

    Working With The Soul Nerve

    Vagus Nerve Reset – Vagal Toning

    Your vagus nerve, often called the “wandering nerve,” or “the soul nerve” is a Gateway to Holistic Well-being. Its reach and impact on the body’s various systems make it a critical component in understanding holistic health. Like the fascia, the vagus nerve plays a vital role in interconnecting various body parts and functions.

    Two women taking a dip in the ocean at sunset. Vagal tone exercises, cold exposure
    Ami Elsius Practicing Yoga in Kerala India. Yoga is great for vagal toning, vagus nerve reset. Practice to find you purpose and passion in life.

    The vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve in the body, connecting the brain to many vital organs, including the heart, lungs, and digestive tract. It plays a role in regulating numerous essential functions, such as heart rate, breathing, and digestion. The vagus nerve not only serves as a bridge between the brain, heart and the gut, its also a key component of the parasympathetic nervous system – the system responsible for the “rest and digest” response, countering the “fight or flight” mechanisms of the sympathetic nervous system. It plays a big role in our emotional responses, stress levels, and overall mental well-being.

    best Vagal nerve reset exercises

    11 Methods to Enhance Vagal Tone 


    Deep Breathing


    Vagal Massage




    Cold Exposure


    Gut Health




    Singing & Humming


    Chewing and gargling



    Resetting the vagus nerve aims to bring the body back to a state of balance. When our fight or flight response is consistently activated due to stress, trauma, or other factors, it can put a strain on our nervous system. A reset helps in recalibrating this system, making it easier to listen to our intuition and our hearts true desires. 

    Join our global community, it’s is a treasure trove for mental health tools, programs, masterclasses, exercises, live events and community support.

    Find Your Purpose and Nr 1 Passion in Life

    Feeling stressed about not knowing your life’s purpose, passion, or calling is a common concern. However, true happiness and meaning in life don’t hinge on these discoveries. This revelation may seem controversial, but let’s explore why understanding your essence and being can lead you to a life filled with joy and self-love without the need for a defined purpose or passion.


    Holistic Trauma Healing Program

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