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The Ami Effect COMMUNITY

Welcome to our sanctuary of self-discovery, holistic healing, and life transformation.


The Ami Effect Community is more than just a space; it’s a vibrant, global family of empathic and spiritually inclined individuals. Our members come from diverse walks of life, united by a shared desire for deep healing, meaningful, authentic connections, and a journey towards personal and spiritual awakening.

We believe that true healing and transformation require a nurturing environment where every individual feels seen, heard, and supported. Our mission is to provide that space – one that combines ancient wisdom with modern scientific insights, fostering emotional healing, stress relief, and holistic well-being.

Come Home

Meet your tribe! 

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Welcome to Our Community

A Global Family Embracing “Ubuntu”

In the heart of our community lies the spirit of Ubuntu, an ancient philosophy from the Southern African region, deeply rooted in the Zulu and Xhosa cultures. Ubuntu, meaning “humanity,” is often expressed as “I am because we are” or “humanity towards others.” It’s this ethos of interconnectedness and shared humanity that forms the foundation of our global family.

A Safe Haven for Authenticity and Growth

We understand that not everyone feels at home in their immediate family, social circle, or the society they were born into. Many seek a place where they can truly belong, a sanctuary where they can be their authentic selves without judgment or pretense. That’s precisely what we offer – a global tribe of like-minded individuals connected not by geography or bloodline but by shared values, aspirations, and a deep respect for each other’s unique journeys.

Join Our Global Tribe

Step into a world where you are truly seen, heard, and appreciated for who you are. Connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their unique perspectives and experiences. Together, let’s celebrate our differences, learn from each other, and grow in ways we never thought possible.

Harnessing Connection with Authenticity and Control

Our community utilizes the power of modern technology to create a space of genuine connection, free from the constraints of mainstream social media. We prioritize privacy and authenticity, offering a platform where everyone feels safe, heard, and valued. Unlike conventional online spaces, our community is free from external corporate influences, intrusive advertisements, and controlling algorithms.

In our digital haven, you have the autonomy to engage in meaningful interactions. Here, you are in control, enabling you to build real human connections in a space where privacy is respected and individuality is celebrated.

Embracing the Essence of Ubuntu

Our community is more than just a network; it’s a living embodiment of the Ubuntu philosophy, transcending physical borders to forge a bond of shared humanity. Here, every member is both a teacher and a learner, each story a thread in the rich tapestry of our collective experience. By supporting and understanding each other, we grow stronger individually and collectively.

Your Journey of Awakening and Transformation

Join us in a journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation. Whether you’re seeking to heal from past traumas, awaken to your true potential, or simply find a tribe where you can express your true self, you’re in the right place. Our community offers a range of programs, workshops, and interactive sessions, all designed to facilitate personal growth and holistic well-being.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb







Diverse hands of various skin colors joined together in a circle, symbolizing unity and community.

The Power of Togetherness

“The river that flows in you also flows in me.” –Kabir

The journey of growth, awakening, transformation, and healing is akin to sailing a vast ocean. While it can be navigated alone, the presence of fellow travellers greatly enriches and accelerates the experience. In the spirit of a flotilla, individuals on similar paths can exchange insights, offer support, and share experiences, enhancing their collective journey.

Dr. Gabor Maté, a renowned expert in trauma and addiction, highlights the critical role of the community in such processes. He points out that the success of programs like Alcoholics Anonymous hinges on their communal dynamics, where sharing, visibility, and support play vital roles.

Research supports this view, indicating that group therapy can be even more effective than individual therapy in addressing psychological and emotional issues. The sense of reduced isolation, increased understanding, and support experienced by group therapy significantly contribute to the healing process.

This collective journey is not just about individual growth but also about contributing to and drawing strength from the group. A community offers a sense of belonging, diverse learning opportunities, and mutual motivation. Growing together in such an environment not only enhances personal development but also brings a sense of joy and shared discovery, often absent in solitary pursuits.


“When we truly connect with others heart to heart and soul to soul, it creates a synergy that transcends the physical plane and brings about profound healing and understanding.”–Joe Dispenza

“The most powerful determinants of human behavior are the need for connection, the need for acceptance, the need for belonging, and the need for security.”–Gabour Maté

A cozy fireplace with a warm rug and a steaming cup of tea, symbolizing a safe and nurturing community space.

Inside our community

A safe and supportive sanctuary

Our journey is not a solitary path but a shared voyage of discovery, where each person’s story adds depth and colour to the mosaic of our collective experience, enriching us with diverse perspectives and more profound empathy.

Within the community circle, we find our reflections in each other – every shared moment and every loving exchange nurtures our growth. It cements our bonds, guiding us towards a deeper, freeer more authentic self.



Comprehensive Programs: Dive deep into holistic healing, spiritual awakening, stress relief and quantum leap paradigm shifts with our diverse programs. Each is crafted for profound and lasting transformative results. We blend scientific-based strategies with ancient wisdom, intuition and personal experiences. 


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Workshops and Interviews: Explore areas including narcissistic abuse, stress and anxiety, boundary setting, inner child work, shadow work, mindfulness, tantra, somatic therapies, breath work, and work-life balance, guided by seasoned experts, providing you with tailored strategies for balance and inner peace.

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Exclusive Content: Gain access to a rich library of “how-to” videos, insightful PDFs, and audio files, all aimed at nurturing your mind-body-soul connection.

Digital learning tools including a computer, iPad, cellphone, journal, and books for holistic healing and spiritual awakening programs.


Engaging Challenges & Live Q&As: Join transformative monthly challenges and engage directly with Ami Elsius in live Q&A sessions, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

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Connection, Support and Guidance: Connect with like-minded individuals, form authentic friendships, share your experiences and get support and inspiration from your tribe. You can chat privately or in groups, engage in forums, post on the wall and interact when we go live.



Weekly Themed Activities: From ‘Mindfulness Mondays’ to ‘Soulful Sundays’, our weekly themed activities are designed to provide continuous learning and inspiration. Engage in a variety of practices and discussions, ranging from guided mindfulness exercises to enlightening interviews with experts.

Join us at The Ami Effect for a journey of holistic healing and personal transformation. Come for the resources, stay for the love, and take part of our weekly offerings of enriching activities tailored to your growth and well-being. 

What Members sayAbout Ami

Read other peoples experiences

Samuel West

“I recommend Ami because she eats the food that she cooks. She has tried the strategies and techniques that she is sharing. In contrast to me, that’s a clinical psychologist; I have not tried most of the techniques I recommend. I have read them in a book and done a workshop, whilst Ami has applied them in her own life. That’s a great strength.”

Samuel West – Clinical Psychologist

Sabina bw

“I have never felt safe with psychologists who do not have proper life experience, but only base their practice on what they have studied. Because I didn’t feel understood, I got blocked inside and I ran away. Because Ami knows what it’s like to experience the worst, she understands what it’s like and expresses genuine empathy. Since I have seen how she time and time again, year after year, has managed to be strong, positive and peaceful no matter what she is exposed to, I can say that if anyone, she knows how to do it. It is Ami who has inspired me to start healing and gain self-awareness and thanks to her I have dared to start looking at, feeling and expressing emotions related to strong traumas that I have been through.”

Sabina Manci – Restaurant Owner


“When I meet Ami, I feel this strength, power, energy, zest for life and joy from her, even though she has been through such terrible things, and is still going through, she knows what life is about and she can convey it and understands other people. It is above all Ami’s nature that inspires me, how she goes her own way, has so much experience, is curious, powerful and strong, so broad-minded and empathetic and really wants to help others and continue to develop herself, she simply does not give up. I’m sure she will inspire many people, just by her presence and appearance. The way she meets people is so warm, nice and lovely that you feel confident that it’s ok, it’s going to be fine, that there is a way out.”

Marina Daleborn – Dental Hygienist

Leo testimonial round 2

“I discovered meditation thanks to Ami, a very important turning point for me, and I don’t think it was by chance, at a really difficult time in my life. Ami managed to change the way I lived and perceived my negative experiences. She is competent, friendly, ready to listen and knows how to guide you into a state of mental well-being. Her meditation has changed my life and given me more balance, clarity and above all peace. Now I can handle everything with more calmness and therefore with more speed, as everything seems easier and clearer. I have finally found a reference point for my spiritual quest, which has always guided my life and now I feel at peace. I have gone through incredible physical and mental sensations and experiences, sometimes during meditation. Today I can’t imagine an everyday life without my time with myself, Thank you Ami Elsius”

Leonardo Ofria – Founder and Creative Director at Avenir Video & Photography


“I have known Ami Elsius for many years and it has really touched me how she managed to cope, even for a long time and at times particularly difficult experiences, as a mother, worker and woman. A story of suffering and deep pain due to serious injustices, abuse and mental violence that Ami has managed to face with courage, clarity and without ever losing her smile and positivity that has always made her look forward and overcome life’s trials. Her journey has been truly extraordinary and I believe her direct experience can help many people who are tested by life, not to fall into despair, desperation, anxiety or stress and to identify methods, attitudes, behaviors, techniques to create a positive inner balance and meet each challenge in the best way.”

Roberto Grossi – Founder of Federculture, Cultural Director & Professor at the University of Florence.

Miriana testimonial round

“Ami, a wonderful person, I met her several years ago and I and I fell in love with her professionally. I can tell you that she has qualities that are rarely found today; affection, sincerity, spontaneity and depth. She has an incredible ability to deal with difficult times and with it also the ability to successfully pass it on to other people who are going through difficulties. For me, she has been, and is, a fantastic source of inner and professional development.”

Miriana Kondic – Broker and Travel Agency Owner

Avichai Arbiv

“A times, even though I’m very solutionoriented, I got blockages. With Ami, I could be completely authentic, cry and express my emotions freely. Thanks to her, I got centred and collected, got myself out of those thought patterns and could look past my situation and identify what tools I have to handle my circumstances. I even had a spiritual experience, it’s as she gave me a little flutter with her wings. She’s extraordinary.”

Avichai Arbiv – Operational Education Manager

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Transform Pain into Empowerment

Our unique and complete healing model

Our program isn’t just a course; it’s a journey of rediscovery. Blending ancient wisdom with modern scientific approaches, we offer a comprehensive path that nurtures your physical, emotional, spiritual, conscious, and subconscious well-being. Each module is crafted to help you unravel layers of trauma, enabling a reconnection with your true self through:

    • Theoretical Lessons: To understand and map out your journey.
    • Guided Meditations: For inner peace and mental clarity.
    • Somatic Exercises: To reconnect with your body’s wisdom.
    • Personalized Healing Practices: Tailored to resonate with your unique healing journey.
    • Workbook and Journaling Exercises: For profound healing and tracking progress.
    • Live Events, Webinars and Q&A : For clarity, inspiration and belonging.
    • Supportive Community: Where shared experiences foster deep connections and growth.
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Take Our Quiz

Discover if our community is the perfect fit for you and take a conscious step towards the best chapter of your life.

1. Core Values and Life Priorities:

Which of these values and priorities resonate most with your life philosophy?

A) Love, empathy, authenticity, and a focus on understanding and tolerance among all people.

B) Passion for human and animal rights, environmental issues, with a focus on peace, democracy, and fair resource distribution.

C) Personal freedom, creativity, curiosity, independence, and creative expression.

D) Social status, power, dominance over people and resources, and achieving a commanding position with admiration from others.

2. Approach to Personal Growth:

How do you view your journey toward awakening, healing and transformation?

A) Eager to learn and open to deep guidance.

B) Have some experience, ready for deeper understanding.

C) Willing to lead and share my journey with others.

D) Prefer quick fixes and immediate results.

3. Contribution to Community:

What kind of contribution do you see yourself making in our community?

A) Engaging actively and sharing insights.

B) Occasionally participating with empathy and generosity.

C) Contributing expertise and leading sessions.

D) I’m here mainly to observe, not to contribute.

4. Inclusivity and Diversity:

How do you approach diversity in cultures, races, and belief systems?

A) With openness, respect, and inclusivity.

B) Eager to learn and understand diverse perspectives.

C) Actively promoting and valuing diversity.

D) I prefer to stick to my own culture and beliefs

5. Commitment to Healing and Transformation:

Are you ready to commit to your healing journey?

A) Yes, I’m fully committed to transforming my life.

B) I am open to exploring and committing as I learn.

C) Ready to lead and inspire others in their transformation.

D) Looking for quick solutions with little personal effort.

6. Interests in Learning:

What areas are you interested in exploring within our community?

A) Emotional healing and mental well-being techniques.

B) Spiritual awakening and ancient wisdom.

C) Stress and anxiety relief, holistic health, and modern scientific insights.

D) Primarily interested in feisty political discussions and debates.

7. Community Interaction:

How do you commit to interacting within our community?

A) With respect for everyone’s integrity and inclusive language.

B) Encouraging diverse perspectives and experiences.

C) Actively promoting a safe and supportive environment.

D) Prefer to promote my personal agenda and views.

8. Inclusivity and Diversity:

How do you approach diversity in cultures, races, and belief systems?

A) With openness, respect, and inclusivity.

B) Eager to learn and understand diverse perspectives.

C) Actively promoting and valuing diversity.

D) I prefer to stick to my own culture and beliefs

Scoring Interpretation:


If your responses predominantly align with option “D”, it appears that our community may not align well with your current needs and preferences. However, we appreciate your interest and encourage you to explore other avenues that may be more suitable for your journey.

For those whose answers are primarily a mix of “A”, “B”, and “C”, it’s a strong indication that you would find a harmonious and enriching fit within our community. Your perspectives and values seem well-aligned with ours, suggesting a mutually beneficial and fulfilling experience for both you and our existing members. Welcome to a journey of shared growth and transformation!

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How Do I Know if This Trauma Healing Program Right For Me?

Discover if our program aligns with you.

This program is not for everyone and we are selective of the people we invite into our community. To create a safe and fertile ground for healing, we’d like to see that you are an empathic individual. At times we talk about energy, vibration, inner light, chakras and divine essence, so it’s helpful if you are open to that. See what statements you agree with below, to understand if you are ready to embark on this profound healing journey with us. 


    This Program is for You if:


    • You’re at a Turning Point: You’ve acknowledged your emotional wounds and are genuinely ready to embark on a journey of deep healing and self-discovery.
    • You’re Committed to Growth: You understand that true transformation is a result of consistent, dedicated effort and you’re willing to do the work.
    • You Seek More Than Surface-Level Solutions: Despite exploring various therapies and self-help resources, you still face anxiety and unrest, and you’re searching for a program that offers a holistic approach to well-being.
    • You Trust Your Intuition: Something within you resonates with the promise of holistic trauma healing, guiding you towards this program.
    • You’re Excited to Connect: You’re eager to join a community that’s not just about individual healing, but also about contributing to a collective shift in consciousness.


      This Program Might Not Be Suitable if:


      • You Want Quick Fixes: If you’re looking for overnight solutions without a real commitment to change, this might not be the right fit.
      • You’re Reluctant to Apply What You Learn: This program requires you to actively engage with and practice the healing techniques provided.
      • You’re Hesitant to Embrace Change: Lasting healing requires integrating new practices into your daily life, and you must be open to making these changes.
      • You Avoid Deep Work: To truly heal, you must be willing to confront and work through the root causes of your trauma, not just the symptoms.


      What You’ll Walk Away With 


      Step beyond mere tools and resources, and immerse yourself in a transformative experience that offers wisdom, meaning, inspiration, and joy. Our community is a gateway to profound connections and personal evolution, guiding you towards lasting happiness and inner peace.

      • Stress & Anxiety Management
      • Tools for Holistic Emotional Healing
      • Self-Love & Empowerment Habits
        • Friendship and Supportive Connections
        • Holistic Health & Well-being Practices
        • Quantum Reality Shift Techniques
          • Spiritual & Personal Growth Guidance
          • Advice on Integration of Spiritual Practices
          • Cultural & Spiritual Exploration & Inspiration

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        Ami Elsius Mandala

        Still Got Questions?

        See if you find the answers here below, otherwise just send me an email.



        What exactly is the Holistic Trauma Healing program, and how does it differ from traditional therapy or counseling?

        The Holistic Trauma Healing program is a comprehensive approach to trauma recovery that integrates physical, emotional, and spiritual healing techniques. Unlike traditional therapy, which often focuses on talk therapy and cognitive approaches, our program also includes practices like meditation, yoga, and somatic exercises to address trauma holistically. We also offer the support form our community.

        Can you explain the techniques and methods used in the program, and how they specifically aid in trauma recovery?

        We use a variety of techniques including guided meditations for mental clarity, somatic exercises to reconnect with the body, vagal nerve reset techniques to calm and balance the nervous system and shadow work for deep psychological introspection. These methods help release trauma from the body and mind, rewire the brain’s response to stress, and empower individuals to process and heal from their experiences.

        Is this program suitable for someone with no prior experience in meditation, yoga, or other holistic practices?

        Absolutely. The program is designed to be accessible to individuals at all levels of experience. Beginners will find the instructions easy to follow, and more experienced practitioners will discover new depths in their practice.

        How long does the program typically take to complete, and what is the time commitment per week?

        The program’s duration varies depending on the individual, but typically it can be completed in 16 weeks. We recommend dedicating a few hours per week to the program for optimal results.



        What kind of support and resources are available to participants throughout the program?

        Participants have access to our online community, regular live webinars, Q&A sessions, and personalized support from our team of experienced facilitators and coaches. You can also book 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me.

        Are there any in-person requirements, or is the program entirely online?

        The program is entirely online, making it accessible to participants worldwide. On our website and inside the community you will find information about upcoming live events and retreats.

        How does the program cater to individuals with different types of traumatic experiences?

        We recognize that trauma is unique to each individual. Our program is designed to be adaptable, allowing participants to focus on areas most relevant to their personal experiences and pick the practices that most resonate with them.



        What kind of follow-up support or resources are available after completing the program?

        We like you to stay in our family and want to see you blossom and thrive. Post-program, participants can access our community and ongoing resources, including webinars, workshops, and Q&A. Keep an eye out for new material and live events. 

        Are there any opportunities for one-on-one sessions with facilitators or therapists as part of the program?

        Yes, we offer opportunities for one-on-one sessions. It’s a great way to gain clarity and deepen the practice. 

        From where does the program draw inspiration?

        The backbone of the program is based upon my own experiences. Then I spent years reading and researching to deepen my understanding. Some of the people that have inspired me are: Peter Levine, Gabour Mate, Bessel Van der Kolk, Joe Dispenza, Brene Brown, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Vincent Felitti, Ramana Maharishi, Mooji, and Daniel Siegel to mention a few.



        Is there a community aspect to the program, such as group sessions or forums for participants to share experiences and support each other?

        Yes, one of the key components of our program is the supportive community. We have private forums and group sessions where participants can share their experiences and offer mutual support.

        What specific outcomes can I expect from completing the program, and how will my progress be measured?

        Participants can expect to gain deeper self-awareness, develop coping skills, experience a reduction in trauma-related symptoms, and find greater inner peace. Progress is often self-measured through personal reflection and journaling exercises provided in the program. We do supply self assessment questionnaires through various stages of the program to gain a clearer understanding of the progress.

        Is the program tailored to individual needs, or is it a one-size-fits-all approach?

        While the program has a structured framework, we encourage personalization and provide guidance on how to tailor practices to individual needs. We supply a vast toolbox to pick and choose from.

        How does the program integrate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of healing from trauma?

        Our program addresses trauma healing through a multi-faceted approach: physically through somatic exercises, emotionally through introspection and shadow work, mentally through knowledge about trauma and subconscious programming and spiritually through meditation and mindfulness practices…and much more.



        Can the program accommodate individuals with physical limitations or disabilities?

        Yes, our program is designed to be inclusive and can be adapted to accommodate physical limitations or disabilities.

        Are there any payment plans or financial assistance options available?

        Yes, we do offer some asset-based scholarships. Contact us by email and explain your situation. For individuals granted full scholarships, we like to see extra engagement in our community.

        Are there any prerequisite knowledge or skills required before joining the program?

        No specific prerequisites are required. The program is crafted to be accessible to individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

        How does the program handle sensitive or triggering topics that might arise during the healing process?

        We approach sensitive topics with care and provide guidance on how to navigate them safely. We provide specific exercises to calm triggering moments, and you can reach out to our loving community when you are in need of support.

        Join Us and Start Healing Today!  

        Here is what you get when you sign up to the ultimate step-by-step HOLISTIC TRAUMA HEALING PROGRAM.

        Bonus Material 1

        You get:

        ✓ The Holistic Trauma Healing Program (€630)

        (16 Theoretical Lessons, 30+ Somatic and Art Therapy Exercises, 28 Guided Meditation Videos, 260-page Workbook)

        ✓ 12 month Community Membership (€324)

        ✓ Bonuses (€69)

        Value €1011

        Launch Price: €369

        Billed Monthly


        Billed Yearly