I asked for an answer and got it big time

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Am I making a difference? 

Up until recently I was hardly ever on social media. Just so you get the idea; my last facebook post was from 2 years earlier.

I was pushed by my partner to get on TikTok and reluctantly I created an account and posted for the very first time 20 september 2022. A month in I had 1000 followers and some positive comments, but it was a struggle for me.

My partner, who’s good with marketing and has collected all the latest advice regarding blowing up on TikTok, gave me this long checklist he insisted I do as I recorded every video. It was about intros and hooks, problem awareness, recognition, sharing your story, the right title etc. Also the length of the videos should be 30-60 sec and keep a high speed, and  by keyword rich with a call to action at the end.

I just wanted to do unscripted improvs when I talk from my heart. But, that didn’t seek to inspire people, so it seamed to me.

Posting my videos on social media about mental health and spirituality, it that really making any difference to anyone, I wondered, and contemplated just cancelling my account.

Then one day…

just after I had recorded a 9 part video series on physical stress and anxiety relief, where I did all exercises one after another, I had an idea.

I wanted to explain life, spirituality and trauma in a very simple and visual way, and realised in that moment that I could do it with a big lightbulb and clay, that I already had at home.

It was no effort or preparation what so ever. The message just came naturally as I started to put clay on the lightbulb and then removed it. When I showed the video to my partner I was surprised that he liked it, as it didn’t tick any of those marketing boxes.

The video has now been up for less then 3 weeks and has reached a quarter of a million views, I’ve gained over 10k followers and have received thousands of beautiful comments.

People from all over the worlds, from completely different walks of life and of all ages, have expressed their recognition and gratitude for the message in the video.

It shows how similar we all are, that we are all going through the same traumas and awakenings and are all looking for truth, love and meaning.

Reading through the lines I see this yearning for connection, community and real intimacy. That’s why I have created this free online community where you can connect authentically with likeminded people, including myself, share, ask questions, get inspired and receive support.

Looking forward to connect with you inside our community.

English programs in self knowledge, mental health and trauma recovery will launch in January 2023. Get on the waitlist to get info about the launch, to not miss out, as spots are limited in our group program.

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“The wound is where the light enters you”  –Rumi

The comments and the faces

Here below you can read a selection of the comments and see some of the beautiful faces that have been moved by the video.

Därför mår du dåligt. Såhär mår du bra. 20 vägar till äkta glädje. Varför mår jag dåligt? Hur kan jag må bra? Här får du svaren på dina frågor om mental hälsa och psykiskt välmående.

I have never heard or seen anyone explain that in such a beautiful way. WAKE UP. You are Divine.

This was absolutely fantastic Thankyou this explains all of my life better than I ever could Thankyou 

What an incredible explanation and journey to explain life in a few short minutes. I love how you did that. Thank you 

That was the best explanation I have EVER encountered ♥️👏. Thank you 😊

this is SUCH a good way of explaining this

I’ll remember this forever

yes this , I’m discovering who I really am , shedding those layers x this was put so beautifully and easy to understand 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🤗thank you

profoundly beautiful illustration ✨️😍 ❤️many many people need to see this! cause so many are lost and unaware of who they actually are underneath all the conditioning. love ❤️and light ✨️💛

Amazing video girlie. Keep sharing that divine wisdom 😇

This is the best explanation I have ever seen 🏻

This is the most powerful analogy i ever seen

This is the BEST explanation of what spirituality is that I have ever heard. Fantastic ❤️👏🙏

Very nice. You are the clarifier. Your words give a clear perspective of our evolutionary path.

It’s the better explanation of vedanta on tiktok

Fabulous!!!! Everyone should see this. So True. Thanks for sharing Darling.

i truly think if more people could listen to you they would understand it so much easier, the words you use and the energy you’re sending is so calmin

I love your knowledge,I love how you came up with this, this is really clear to wake people up…

Wow, no one didn’t explain it better than you just did. ❤️

The Ami Effect Comments TikTok video blog post about asking and receiving120

How beautiful. I could watch that all day. You have a beautiful heart 

Beautiful and best explanation I’ve heard yet t💪💯👏😍🙏🏼✌️❤️👑Thankyou

such a beautiful explanation, thank you for sharing this. it really helped me look to my own spiritual awakening journey and is a blessing. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

i can sense my life would turn out to be like this in the future soon,bright future and shining and be the light, Thanks dear and you’re so beautiful and look like an angel

big respect…need you on YouTube 

Thank you si much Ami😭😭😭😭‼️❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

I’m in trance mode watching this video. Beautifully curated. It’s almost as if you are trying to open a well-hidden treasure box inside of me. Thanks

It was beautifully explained! Brilliant! Thank you 💖🌸

I love this. I love you.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this . But .. I love you . The light in you 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💕💕

This was the best!

I NEEDED TO HEAR THIS. Thank you thank you thank you! 😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼

❤️🙏🌟🕊☺️🙌 this was brilliant miss thank you x 😇🌈 well put ☺️🌟🦋

Thank you for sharing this marvellouse May peace and light be there for all of us! 🙏❤️🤗


What a great analogy of the human life and Spiritual experience. This is me now. Thank You’

And the layers have fallen off the light is brightening 😌coming alive awake shining bright & rising😌😌

Wow! This was a really good explanation of how it feels like! Thank you for sharing 

That’s a great analogy. Thank you.

Därför mår du dåligt. Såhär mår du bra. 20 vägar till äkta glädje. Varför mår jag dåligt? Hur kan jag må bra? Här får du svaren på dina frågor om mental hälsa och psykiskt välmående.


Enough is Enough.

No more role playing, just being Me..

I miss Me but I know where she is:

Inside MYSELF 

I reeeeally love your videos and the way you express yourself. Thank you so much  you’re so helpful!

story of my life in five minutes… thanks for sharing

That’s an incredible analogy ❤️

so perfectly done xx shadowwork all the way xxx

Beautiful présentation 🤝🤗🤩

This was beautifully explained and the visual piece was very helpful🙏

your words really touched me I’m strees free

thank you for this beautiful msg, Beautifully explain

what a powerful visual, love this! 💓

Wow amazing amazing and I know this to be exactly correct thank you ma’am.

Thank you so much for sharing this aspect of identity..this spiritual journey 🙏🏾

u r amazing .. this is so eye opening

Food for the soul ❤️I appreciate this

Thank you..i love this soo much 😍

Beautiful reminders!

Love you girl♥️♥️♥️thank you for reminding me to go back in myself again

So beautifully put 💗

Beautiful depiction

Därför mår du dåligt. Såhär mår du bra. 20 vägar till äkta glädje. Varför mår jag dåligt? Hur kan jag må bra? Här får du svaren på dina frågor om mental hälsa och psykiskt välmående.

Fantastic Analogy!!! So True!!! You hit the nail on the head

Loved this

wow.very true mum

Beautifully executed and explained.  Thank you. I needed this today. Love and light always ❤️

My dear lovely lady, thank you alot and may the might bless you 

love this , it’s so very true and finding that light again is hard but so worth the journey ✨️

Very beautifully told and presented. This is how it truly feels ✨✨✨

What a stunningly beautiful way to explain. You’re an artist 

Beautiful demonstration

Thank you so much 

This is such a beautiful visual thank you for this

This 👌 so perfectly explains the whole journey of rediscovering who we are beneath the layers ✨

You have said it all

great clarification thank you so beautiful

Awe inspiring

this is so powerful and I am just starting to realise that, I have been aware of something all of my life xx

Perfect timing thanks 

This is so beautiful and so very well said  thank you thank you so much

The most beautiful message One Love We are One always been One ❤️❤️❤️

Excellent visual thank you for sharing

Därför mår du dåligt. Såhär mår du bra. 20 vägar till äkta glädje. Varför mår jag dåligt? Hur kan jag må bra? Här får du svaren på dina frågor om mental hälsa och psykiskt välmående.

I’m in the process of removing many layers for me!!


wow👏 you explained this beautifully 

gosh I love this!!! the concept, the truth and the visual representation 💜

Oh my goodness!! Such a great description!! Thank you! Standing strong, united and ready to fight from Ontario, Canada!! 💕💕

my therapy this evening. Thank you for reaching out. Keep the Good work of healing Souls

Such a powerful way to share this knowledge, thank you so much

Very simple but that’s the truth…our society does’t help keeping us in the good mood; it lead people create a personnage…

Thx so much I started my journey a cpl of yrs ago it’s an amazing journey ✨💫🌟❤️‍🔥💃🏻💃❤️‍🔥🌟💫✨

As a visual artist…this is so explicit and yet as a spiritual being it’s truth! 

Yes Iam the one observing those thoughts 🌟

This means everything thanks for making this video❤️

This is amazing and very true!!!! God bless you 🙏

That was beautiful❤️thank you for the wonderful explanation ❤️🙏❤️🔥

I’m totally mesmorisede by your voice. Truly an honor, blessed be

That is so beutiful, sound like what I am going trough now, and let my true self to shine ❤️🙏

Very powerful message!

Wow! I love this, I totally relate to this

Thank you so much 😁very clair how i got myself in ths wrld

This is so beautiful. Love and light. 👁

Därför mår du dåligt. Såhär mår du bra. 20 vägar till äkta glädje. Varför mår jag dåligt? Hur kan jag må bra? Här får du svaren på dina frågor om mental hälsa och psykiskt välmående.

absolutely mind-blowing 

Love this. Thank you for reminding me. Sending you light and love. ❤️

Thanks so much for sharing this with me today! 

it’s so true an makes cents

Really enjoyed this. Thank you so much 🙏

This hit me hard .. I needed this , your gentleness and explanation made me think why did I lose who I am and why did I let it happen

Beautiful and accessible concepts for everyone

I am Blessed 🙏 and yes I am ready I claim I believe I resive I

Beautifully explained with plenty of love and patience. Thank you for making the effort and creat such a beautiful video 

Thank you… this sure was an awakening & very enlightening


What a beautifully explained video 

wow, honey. I no longer identify and horrible filters that have suppressed me light from helping the world. I am sharing this to Facebook 

100% agree, thank you for sharing in such an inspiring way x💖x

I’m grateful to see this lesson you have delivered perfectly.. thanks for sharing ❤️🙏🏽💐🌟👍

this is a great analogy. spot on thank you

The best video if we are actually are 😁 well done

hii there! I came here at 1111 comments wow

This was beautiful and I needed to see this. Thank you


thank you for this powerful and accessible analogy. 

Därför mår du dåligt. Såhär mår du bra. 20 vägar till äkta glädje. Varför mår jag dåligt? Hur kan jag må bra? Här får du svaren på dina frågor om mental hälsa och psykiskt välmående.

Comments about trauma

Ami thank u so much 4your awesome explanation…i Totally confirm what u said … my spiritual path began immediatly after i had a huge trauma

How extremely Powerful All that you say. Been thru huge traumas, childhood, teen, Explosions, all types of abuse & now….Am shining again..❤Thank GOD


This was me in 2019 I’ll never forget it was such a horrific experience but it was the beginning of my spiritual awakening


This is very deep. I have experienced this and I am on my spiritual journey now- my traumatic experience was the sudden death of my mother.


This is true. Going through it right now. From burnout/depression to whatever unfolds. It feels like a blessing now. Not easy but really fulfilling.


Not a bad analogy. The who vs what is a life long vexatious journey. Real trauma sheds light on the shadows. Then the true light / who can be.


“wounds are where the light shines through” that was my favorite quote when i was going through the worst time in my life!


Powerful way to show how our light was dimmed. Yes it hurts. so so deeply .Its hard work but im peeling off those layers again.The light is shining its way through the cracks.Im writing whilst still listening and your words are mine too.💜Alignment..I am healing.&Shine again💜💃


Yes.. Trauma is a blessing in disguise… When you look at it from every angle…


you r talking facts!! After going through trauma many years I’m starting discovering so much more in life and I CAnT describe it than become supernatural


This resonates with me, every word . Exactly What happened to me after my diagnosis trauma❤️


This is me😊 I was raiped and suffocation 5 years old! It tok me 45years to anderstand my self. In 2021 I get diagnosed PTSD ++ I start to shine again


Diagnosed with cancer. Chemo sessions finished 🙏waiting for op and yes…I was lost for years..my cancer journey gave me a new mindset ,new life.❤️❤


That’s why, for some people, their spiritual awakening begins from a traumatic event

blessing in disguise indeed!!!


Thanks for this. At times, a trauma is blessing in disguise.

Därför mår du dåligt. Såhär mår du bra. 20 vägar till äkta glädje. Varför mår jag dåligt? Hur kan jag må bra? Här får du svaren på dina frågor om mental hälsa och psykiskt välmående.

This is how I finally released myself. You explained the process beautifully. You have such amazing energy. Thank You

thank you for my trauma, and yes it did hurt! I am awake now!

Wow we need the trauma to break our programming!!! ✨✨✨

i’ve just been traumatised and for a while i’ve been hung up on understanding why. this helped me understand why. i needed to break through. thank you

Wow indeed trauma made me a better person

When I was 22 I broke to the point where I could see me. It was the worst night of my life but it saved my life, gave me my life Thanks for explaining

Wow! You explained this perfectly! That’s exactly what I’ve been through. I’m so glad I finally awakened! ❤️❤️

This happened to me 6 months ago after surviving a car crash

I have cptsd, and your explanation made me feel blessed, not broken 😢😭 thank you 🙏💕

I have to say: “This is most beautiful real explanation of spiritual Journey.” It happened to me, I shine today thanks to lot of suffering from past

wow! thank you. this is me right now after trauma

Trauma definitely cracked me open.

exact. I am in trauma therapy right now and this is sooooooo true!!! I woke many years ago but with my therapy its extreme!

Traumatic experience is a good chance to find who we really are

trauma is a blessing in disguise

at least the hurt will pay off

thanks for sharing this

almost 60 now. after 3 years being a widower ,your story make sence now. i tought i was lost ,still the new road is not clear yet.😔

why am I crying 😢 this is me with so many layers. God bless you for sharing. You’ve done ✔️it so well.

So true, sister, turning 60,and it’s been hard but I see what you mean, blessing to you sister for passing your knowledge 🙏❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

So great explanation, I’ve experienced trauma and I stared to be who I really am again, but the process is very hard.

Strange thing is – I do see the traumas I’ve been through in this way but it took a long while for my support network to celebrate this with me 

I thought that all this non stop suffering was life wanting me to became a strong and bad person, but u made me think that maybe this is for me to +

Is true, but sometimes the clouds roll in, and it’s dark again. PTSD is the gift that keeps giving

the darkness may blind us but helps us recreate ourselves

Powerful way of explaining and so true. That is exactly what happened to me! I love your soothing voice, thank you for this 🙏💜

And the very first cracking of that exterior is so divine and exhilerating it’s a blesssed journey

Därför mår du dåligt. Såhär mår du bra. 20 vägar till äkta glädje. Varför mår jag dåligt? Hur kan jag må bra? Här får du svaren på dina frågor om mental hälsa och psykiskt välmående.

Questions and struggles

This was special✨ but how do you remove the layers? Or what has helped you do that?

This is me 😳 , so how do I find myself again?

how do i remove the layers.. what do i need to do??

I am what you say all of it please help me

I don’t know who I am. I feel lost 😞

So intriguing does this apply also to our ancestors my grandmother and grandfather why now for us and not them?

I have always trying to know who i am and what I am here for? this video has helped a bit

this is so true but every time I see my light starting to shine someone or thing pulls me back its a on gowing battle

help because im scared of my reputation and what ppl think of me and my survival in society… advice???

Every time I let my light shine I get attacked

Thank u mam for this teaching. but how do I discover my assence

until this day people tell me that and am still say am sad

awesome thank you 🙏 how do I clear these layers

You are special!! Thanks for your great explanation, so true!! 🙏🏼❤️sending love

I do tell my girl how she’s so many good adjectives. What should we tell our children instead?What could we tell them to not dim their light?

How can I teach this to my little ones? Other than to be conscious when I might be layering them? Or is this a lesson we can only learn on our own?

Därför mår du dåligt. Såhär mår du bra. 20 vägar till äkta glädje. Varför mår jag dåligt? Hur kan jag må bra? Här får du svaren på dina frågor om mental hälsa och psykiskt välmående.

How was I ever “born” if I am an energy? isn’t energy neither created nor destroyed? therefore, i was never created, i was always there?

This is brilliant, thank you for helping me explain this to my family and friends xx

this is the most beautiful message i have heard. thank u 💜

Thank you so much this was very very beautiful and touching. Sending hugs your way love and God bless you always.💞🏼💞

Written in an absolute fabulous way !! Thank you so much 😊  so inspiring !!

🤩 wow ! This is absolutely written and so meaningful and so powerful! Your a superstar in how you expresss trauma in the most positive way, genius

Wow this is absolutely beautiful and amazing how you describe but also visualize this😍! Thank you🙏🏻✨💛

You just narrated what I am going through right now, I just don’t know how to reach there

how can i know my true self?

I remember the exact day when my light went out for good.. the first time I thought about unaliving myself at 9.. now I’m 25 and still going

its has been Hard since i come to this World i always was diferent i went though a lot People laugh about me and all my life i use másk 

So, who am I without all these covering? How do I live? What does the light do? How is she supposed to behave?

Thanks for your sharing. That’s a great idea to explain such a sensitive subject.

just fell in love with you. thank you for reminding us. please make a video on how to identify ourselves in the midst of all this 

this was beautiful 🙏 what books wound you recommend to read about this?

Only with trauma you can find your own light?

Uhm, how can One from my Friends change, if she / he keeps Negativity Thoughs ? I can’t imagine this forever dark Life ! 👀😳🧐🤔

Jag skulle vilja påstå att det viktigaste i livet är att känna sig själv. När du gör det inser du att du redan är allt du söker och längtar efter. När du är närvarande ser du bortom din idé om vem du är och vad du tror du vill ha. I stillheten kan du tanka kraft, styrka, glädje, kreativitet och tålamod som hjälper dig att möta livets alla upp och nedgångar, utan att bli självdestruktiv, utan att agera utifrån rädslor och invanda mönster eller bete dig på ett fientligt sätt mot omvärlden. Ju mer du lär dig om din personliga uppbyggnad och blir medveten om ditt innersta väsen, desto gladare, tryggare, mer närvarande och kärleksfull blir du. Riktig självkännedom är den läskigaste men också den mest givande resa du kan någonsin ge dig ut på. En resa som kommer att öppna öppna ditt hjärta och skruva ner mindets volym, och helt transformera sättet du upplever dig själv, andra och svåra livssituationer.   Ta ditt välmående allvar. Om du vill bestiga ett högt berg behöver du vara motiverad, du måste vilja göra det. Du behöver ha ett mål, som att välja ut vilket berg du vill bestiga, när du skall göra det eller vad du skall göra när du når toppen. Du behöver vara fokuserad på ditt mål för att överhuvudtaget ta dig dit och inte fastna för lockelser, andra människors råd och varningar, din egen lathet eller tvivel.  Oavsett om du skall lära dig ett nytt instrument, en ny sport, dans, språk eller yrke, så krävs det att tränar på nya saker och upprepar det du har lärt dig, regelbundet över tid. Likadant är det med självkännedom, stresshantering, medveten närvaro och trauma recovery.  Det första och viktigaste steget är att du verkligen vill må bra och vill känna dig själv på djupet. Men för att du skall uppleva en riktigt djupgående och varaktig förändring behövs, förutom guidning, även engagemang och upprepning över tid, samt helst även support och gemenskap i en trygg miljö.  Happy free programmen är designade för att hjälpa dig med alla de bitarna och är till för dig som vill uppleva mer självkärlek, bättre självkänsla och inre trygghet, oavsett hur din livssituation ser ut och. Övningarna, frågeställningarna och insikterna är gjorda så att de lätt kan integreras i din vardag, du får guidning, stöd, uppmuntran och support, samt  hjälp att hålla dig fokuserad och motiverad över tid.

And How do you get rid of those false layers?

I never knew who I truly am, sadly. I’ve been stuck in this horrible pattern for years. Yet, now I’m breaking out but it’s the most terrifying thing

I was born as a Blue Baby. I’ve been receiving the bad luck everyday, experiencing pain and suffering till now. What’s good being born.

Yesssss Indeed I’ve learn a lot and I’m aware, awake how awful they treat humanity like this, it can’t be this way and I cannot allow to do this to me

and to our families 👪 ❤️and specially childrens😇🙏🔥😂🌎🌏🌍❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

You have such a beautiful energy! Thank you for this, very well explained ❤️

thank you i just went from a meditation asking who i’am and come here find this video thank u!

There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in

Will to meaning.The saddest part is,we most often has to become older before we realize this.Seldom happens for teens or in your 20s. 30+ and peaking

How can i start my journey

so am willing to leave everything to rind myself I’m very stuck. I’m suffocating

I can’t watch this it hurts to much

Is this how all our awakening’s went? 😅

fear, doubt and worry grow as you get older especially from experience

Därför mår du dåligt. Såhär mår du bra. 20 vägar till äkta glädje. Varför mår jag dåligt? Hur kan jag må bra? Här får du svaren på dina frågor om mental hälsa och psykiskt välmående.


Let’s finish on a positive note

Process of life to find the illumination 😉

what she explains is treu


What a great explanation thanks so much for sharing love


thank you darling to bring back the light 


thank you for reminding us


What a beautiful way of explaining something that is sometimes so hard to put into words 💯


Millions of people have been waiting for you ❤️Thank you


wow!!! you’ve explained that so beautiful!! Thank you


This touched real damn hard


Too bad this self knowledge comes to most at an older age, refreshing presentation, love your relaxing karma, seems like you found your light.❤️


😳 This is amazing! I pictured it all as you said it. I’m ready to discover who I am and live peacefully with love & light.🙌🏻🏻


This has brought a beautiful understanding to me and I look forward to sharing it with my loved ones. ❣️Thank you so much. Never stop this 🙌


This is THE best explanation I have seen so far, the visual is so impactful, thank you for sharing!!! 


Beautifully done ,your voice and essence is so calming,best visual explanation !Thanks for sharing!


thank you sooooooo much for this!!!! exactly what I needed right now, this specific moment in time 


Ah man why am i sobbing 😭😭😭


Hi Thank you God bless you my Beautiful friend love and light Amen


I like so many others found this just at a time when guidance is needed ..  thank you I need to work more on my self .. And remember that we are pure light  Thank you

Mmmm yesss. I feel like I’m light when I really get into meditation❣️pure gold light just fills me up.


Thank You, Love You….😏😂😅😳😳😳😁😂😅😳😂😏😏😳😏😏😂😳😂😏😏😂😳😳😳😁😂😏😳😳😳😏😂😳😏😏😂😳😳😳😳😳




You have no idea how much this makes sense to me now. Thank you so much for sharing.💙🙌🦋


Awwwwwwwe sooooo nice I really love that it’s very true indeed once again Thank U 


This video is absolutely amazing… and such great illustration of how we end developing unfamiliar personality and behavior. Thank you for sharing 😌


no words to express your expressions! just thanks!


I want more of you


best thing I’ve heard recently


This was amazing!!!!!


I really enjoyed listening to this ✨💜 what a beautiful visual explanation. Thank you for making this.



I really needed this

I believe I’m on that path✨


Amazing video! 💜💜💜💜💜💜


Such a beautiful message. Thank you. ❤️


you hypnotized me with your voice!


I found this to be so peacefuland it’s powerful…thank you


thank you just thank you 


This needed no more words 👌 thank u so much ❤️‍


Ooo that sent shivers down me spine thank you 🙏 


You are truly amazing your voice is so calming and positivity re-assuring it’s truly beautiful


This was so beautiful put thank you so very much!


best videos I saw so far


All I can say is wow. eye opening 😳


i liked your explanation so I follow you. it resonate with me

Thank u sister what u said is totally true. We all come 2 this planet earth with pure love then family z whole human race give us

negative garbage.😎


Wow, this is a beautiful way to explain this. Thank you so much!✨💖


thanks really, it did me good to see this video today


You hav soul. You mellow. You beautiful. Thank you 🙏🏾


Such a gentle and calming explanation this has brought me so much love and light thank you and keep shining 🤩❤️


my heart is racing!!!!


I love this visual and explanation! Best I’ve seen.


😳 This was beautiful explanation thank you for your time and inspiration 💕💕


This is so accurate. I have just experienced my awakening 🙏✨


Nice job this is a great visual! hope it gets a million views.💗


This is so helpful…


This is perfect 

I was talking to daughter about this today and then I saw ur video so BEAUTIFUL 

wow…this is powerful


Love it .


Beautifully said, We are so much more than what we were told


This is deep 😢


I am ready to shine again. Thank you so much.💚🔥🔥🙏


thank you beautiful soul ❤️I wish every single human being would hear you❤️


In Hinduism its encouraged to travel inwards to reconnect with d Divinity within you. All life of duality disappears, only pure

blissfulness remains.


This is so profound.


Wow, very good to know💡thank you !!


Beautiful explanation ✨️


I am the light of God 😁


Truly amazing wow


Awesome way to explain it! I’ve been shedding my layers slowly but surely. More content please!


powerfully explained so simply thank you 


Brilliant 😇 A Truly Awakening Message .Thank you .xxx


yes its time💜🙏🏽


This is so beautiful 💕 So powerful..

thanku this is amazing and I needed to hear it xx


Best explanation ever!


Beautifully demonstrated. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom ❤️


Very beautifully told and presented. This is how it truly feels ✨✨✨


Brilliant! @theamieffect thank you very much for sharing this knowledge with us🤝💞


You are so right 100%


Really TRUE, Nice presentation


beautiful way of showing of words of wisdom from within the hearts beat body soul 💝✌️🙏🌏💥🔥🌋💖👣🌏🙏💝🌹🤩😍


Beautiful and so much easier to understand the depth of this powerful message once you go through it 🙏🙏🙏


This is a fantastic explanation ❤️❤️


Yep that’s wt l went through beautiful explaining


wow this is great thank you , nice explanation


Wow!! Perfectly explained! Thank you!


thank you, makes me 😥, ,,yes , I think you are right 💖💞💞💞…


Thank you for this. Beautiful reminder of who I really am.


she was talking about me


I really love this illustration 😍 ❤️


Good visualisation delivery so gentle thank you 


my favorite of all time thanks


OMG😱…thats sooo beautiful..Thank you❤️🙏❤️


Thank you for your beautiful words. I needed to hear IT. I awake a ouț 8 month ago but I don’t know what to do furture. ❤️🙏😘


Thank you so much. That’s me


that’s why I feel like I didn’t belong to the family I came from


I can relate! This is what happen to me. Thank you for your explanation ♥️✨


beautiful and the best message for my heart. ty 


That really makes me feel good about myself and motivâtes me to be in peace. Thank you. 


That a really good way to explain this! Clever


You are an earth angel! Thank you so much for this. I love your voice and your smile. 


wonderful how you illustrated it and your narrative..


that was beautifull. I started , I guess to awake about 30 yrs. ago through a Spiritual Church . short lived. I’m glad I’m here 💕💕


Thank you! Made so much sense. Now I have a better understanding of how to work on myself


I AM That I AM. Throughout It All .Thanks For Sharing 🤲🏽


love this thank you for enlightenment 


wow that’s explain a lot for me  this is so me thank you


Absolutely great explanation. That’s what I have been going through. When you start to change people start to look at you different.


That is why you should try and always be good, have patience, try and understand people and you will understand what happened to you as well 😌

Wow magnificent 💜☯️☮️🙏🏼🌎🧘

U are so calming… I must join this family..

Därför mår du dåligt. Såhär mår du bra. 20 vägar till äkta glädje. Varför mår jag dåligt? Hur kan jag må bra? Här får du svaren på dina frågor om mental hälsa och psykiskt välmående.

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