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The Happy & Free online program helps you with powerful tools,  an inspiring community and support over time, to ensure transformational results. 

Ami Elsius

Life Coach & Spiritual Mentor

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Mental health problems effect far too many.  

It’s common to let things get out of hand before seeking help. 

Are you feeling the way you want to feel? Or do you walk around with an unpleasant feeling that something is not quite right? Feeling lost, tired or unmotivated? Are you often stressed, easily irritated, have difficulty focusing or sleep poorly?

It doesn’t matter who you are, however smart, attractive, educated or successful you may be. We all struggle in one way or another and we all feel bad sometimes and more and more of us become depressed, feel anxious and hit the wall. Most of us completely or partially lack the tools to be able to handle difficult feelings, situations and periods.

It’s no wonder, self-awareness, mindfulness and stress management were probably not something you learned at school and probably not something your parents taught you either.

A powerful story

How do you handle difficult situations?  

It’s common to let it go very far before seeking help. 

Many people think it will go away by itself. When we get good news, when we have flow, when we get something we longed for or when we zoom out with movies, games, exercise or social media, we feel better temporarily and can be lulled into the idea that, that’s how we can feel better or comfort ourselves when we are down.

Often it’s hard to put your finger on what’s wrong, and it’s not easy to know what you can do to feel better.


Of the young LGBT community feel hopeless & anxious


Of seniors have sleep problems


Of college students are diagnosed with depression


Of US adults suffer from severe obesity


Of young girls have attempted suicide

Source: PubMed, CDC, NCHA, SAMHSA and NHANES

From fear and anxiety to inner peace.  

From dream, to nightmare, till awakening.

Soon after my dream came true, my life turned into a nightmare. I experienced terrible things, lost everything important in my life and suffered immensely. My life situation continued to get worse, but I discovered how I don’t have to suffer.

You don’t have to wait until your circumstances improve before you can start to feel good.


I was terrified, sad to the core, dejected, disappointed, angry and worried.

I suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, trembling and became rigid when I was scared.

Lost weight, had diarrhoea for 2 years, was sick and had many accidents.

Was I emotionally unstable, a jumble of thoughts, unable to sleep due to anxiety.

At times I was completely numb, isolated myself and was like an empty shell.


I can feel the pain but it doesn’t go that deep and without negative thoughts.

I know myself deep down, peace and stillness is my home, my essence.

Am I usually peaceful and calm regardless of what is happening around me.

I know my inner strength, trust in life and feel love for everything and everyone.

I feel happy and grateful for no particular reason and sleep well at night.

Happy & free, the program for you who want to experience self-love, inner peace and joy in your everyday life.

Joy, peace, security och love is your true nature. 

This is a complete, life-transforming program in self-awareness, stress management and well-being, which will help you map and see your life, your person and your environment with new eyes. You will get powerful tools and exercises in conscious presence, discover how to get to know your essence and how you can face any difficult situation or period, with calmness, focus and inner strength.


Why is self knowledge and authenticity central? 

The most important thing in life is to know yourself. When you do, you realise that you are already everything you seek and long for.

When you are present, you see beyond your idea of who you are and what you think you want. In the stillness, you can refuel your power, strength, joy, creativity and patience, that will help you face all of life’s ups and downs, without becoming self-destructive, without reacting out of fear and old patterns or behaving in a hostile way towards the outside world or yourself.

The more people that learn about their personal makeup and become aware of their innermost being, the happier, safer, more present and loving we become.

Program content

Engagement, presence, openess.

In the “Happy & Free Model” commitment, presence and openness is central. Each part has two subcategories making it six different ingredients in the program’s content.

It’s not just about the program’s content, but rather about you, about your commitment, presence and openness to dive deep, to see yourself and others without filters and to dare to live and feel fully.


The program’s process

All lessons and exercises are directly applicable to your everyday life and are designed to bring profound and lasting change over time.

After the introduction and a little about my background and personal journey, to show how it is possible to face, cope and overcome anything, even when you are in the middle of a difficult life situation, the full focus is on you and your process, we start the lessons.

The Happy free program consists of eight different modules, with 4 lessons/sessions in each module. Engagement, presence and openness pervade every module and lesson.

You learn about your personal history and structure

Through identifying and understanding your strategies, patterns, programming, protective mechanisms and fears. 

You discover who you are not, what’s not true

Through looking at your identifications, expose false assumptions and question old programmings.

You become more present and aware

With different tools, exercises, inspiration and guidance you become more present here and now

You get distance to, can pick or ignore your thoughts

You don’t take your thoughts so seriously anymore, you can choose which thoughts you give your attention to

You are ready to face and handle anything

You manage to face life with open arms, dare to feel the difficult stuff, without going in to suffering or acting destructively 

You heal old trauma and break negative patterns

You start to notice the weeds in your subconscious and start to pull them out with the root. Old wounds can start to heal and new habits and approaches start to take form. 

 You are getting to know your essence

You have a direct experience of your core, your true you, you know who you are. You feel that your divine creative essence is love, joy and peace. 

You emerge yourself and embody your insights

Your base personality is still there but ennobled and refined without effort. Your intuition becomes your compass. 

This is included in the

Happy & Free Group Program 

Lifetime access to all sessions

✓ 8 modules, 32  video lessons over 8 months

✓ Gated community, forum, member chatt functions

✓ Workbook of about 400 pages

✓ Access to exclusive video library, articles & interviews

✓ 150-page E-book – 101 ways to self love and love of life

✓ Lifetime access to all lessons

✓ The Heal Abuse fraction of our community, dedicated to the prevention and healing of abuse

✓ Fortnightly online live events with Ami

✓ Bonus materials and giveaways

✓ 12 live grupp meetings via Zoom, sharing and answering questions

✓ 3 one-on-one coaching sessions with Ami

✓ 20% discount on retreats and workshops

Thats why we guarantee transforming results.

All you need for a profound and lasting change 

You may have tried various courses, retreats, therapy and programs without noticing any lasting results. You might be wondering why this particular program would be any different.

It is not enough to take a language course or watch a few videos to become fluent in a new language. It starts with you really wanting or needing to learn the new language, getting help from a teacher who is a native speaker of the language, practicing and repeating what you learned over time, and surrounding yourself with people who speak the language. That’s what makes it stick.

It is the same with self-awareness, stress management and healing trauma. The first step is that you really want to feel good and want to know yourself deeply. For a truly profound and lasting change, guidance is needed from a teacher/mentor who lives what he/she teaches, commitment and repetition over time, and preferably also support and community.

This program helps you with all those pieces.

Your study tools in the Happy & Free Program

Group meetings

Live group sessions, to share your expereinces, ask questions and get inspired by others. 


A loving safe and private community with likeminded people in a Facebook-like platform. 


About 400 pages packed with insights, tasks, inquiry and practical excercises. 


“Journaling” to get a clearer overview of your process and to better understand your breakthroughs and progress. 


You will be assigned your personal accountabillity buddy to help you keep focus and your spark alive. 

Video lessons

32+ lessons, plus talks, video archive and playlists for guidance, inspiration and immersion. 

“When I meet Ami, I feel this strength, power, energy, zest for life and joy from her, even though she has been through such terrible things, and is still going through, she knows what life is about and she can convey it and understands other people. It is above all Ami’s nature that inspires me, how she goes her own way, has so much experience, is curious, powerful and strong, so broad-minded and empathetic and really wants to help others and continue to develop herself, she simply does not give up. I’m sure she will inspire many people, just by her presence and appearance. The way she meets people is so warm, nice and lovely that you feel confident that it’s ok, it’s going to be fine, that there is a way out.”

Marina Daleborn – Dental Hygienist

“I have known Ami Elsius for many years and it has really touched me how she managed to cope, even for a long time and at times particularly difficult experiences, as a mother, worker and woman. A story of suffering and deep pain due to serious injustices, abuse and mental violence that Ami has managed to face with courage, clarity and without ever losing her smile and positivity that has always made her look forward and overcome life’s trials. Her journey has been truly extraordinary and I believe her direct experience can help many people who are tested by life, not to fall into despair, desperation, anxiety or stress and to identify methods, attitudes, behaviors, techniques to create a positive inner balance and meet each challenge in the best way.”

Roberto Grossi – Founder of Federculture, Cultural Director & Professor at the University of Florence.

“I have never felt safe with psychologists who do not have proper life experience, but only base their practice on what they have studied. Because I didn’t feel understood, I got blocked inside and I ran away. Because Ami knows what it’s like to experience the worst, she understands what it’s like and expresses genuine empathy. Since I have seen how she time and time again, year after year, has managed to be strong, positive and peaceful no matter what she is exposed to, I can say that if anyone, she knows how to do it. It is Ami who has inspired me to start healing and gain self-awareness and thanks to her I have dared to start looking at, feeling and expressing emotions related to strong traumas that I have been through.”

Sabina Manci – Restaurant Owner

“I discovered meditation thanks to Ami, a very important turning point for me, and I don’t think it was by chance, at a really difficult time in my life. Ami managed to change the way I lived and perceived my negative experiences. She is competent, friendly, ready to listen and knows how to guide you into a state of mental well-being. Her meditation has changed my life and given me more balance, clarity and above all peace. Now I can handle everything with more calmness and therefore with more speed, as everything seems easier and clearer. I have finally found a reference point for my spiritual quest, which has always guided my life and now I feel at peace. I have gone through incredible physical and mental sensations and experiences, sometimes during meditation. Today I can’t imagine an everyday life without my time with myself, Thank you Ami Elsius”

Leonardo Ofria – Founder and Creative Director at Avenir Video & Photography

“Ami, a wonderful person, I met her several years ago and I and I fell in love with her professionally. I can tell you that she has qualities that are rarely found today; affection, sincerity, spontaneity and depth. She has an incredible ability to deal with difficult times and with it also the ability to successfully pass it on to other people who are going through difficulties. For me, she has been, and is, a fantastic source of inner and professional development.”

Miriana Kondic – Broker and Travel Agency Owner

Pick the program that best suits you

Depending on your current conditions, preferences and needs.

Self-study program:

For those of you who currently cannot commit to the group program, but still see the value of this and feel ready to make a proper change. You realise that you must have the self-discipline to do all the exercises, repeatedly over time, to achieve lasting results. Full community access and payment monthly or yearly.

Group program:

For those of you who feel inspired, courageous and ready to truly make a lasting life transformation. You understand that it takes time, practice and repetition to truly change old ingrained thought patterns and beliefs. You are ready to focus on your self-awareness for the next year. Full community access and payment monthly or yearly.






✓ 8 modules, 32  video lessons over 8 months

✓ Gated community, forum, member chatt functions

✓ Workbook of about 400 pages

✓ Access to exclusive video library, articles & interviews

✓ 150-page E-book – 101 ways to self love and love of life

✓ Lifetime access to all lessons

✓ The Heal Abuse fraction of our community, dedicated to the prevention and healing of abuse

✓ Fortnightly online live events with Ami

✓ Bonus materials and giveaways

✓ 12 live grupp meetings via Zoom, sharing and answering questions

✓ 3 one-on-one coaching sessions with Ami

✓ 20% discount on retreats and workshops

* €48 /month on a month-to-month basis






✓ 8 modules, 32  video lessons over 8 months

✓ Gated community, forum, member chatt functions

✓ Workbook of about 400 pages

✓ Access to exclusive video library, articles & interviews

✓ 150-page E-book – 101 ways to self love and love of life

✓ Lifetime access to all lessons

✓ The Heal Abuse fraction of our community, dedicated to the prevention and healing of abuse

✓ Fortnightly online live events with Ami

✓ Bonus materials and giveaways

✓ 12 live grupp meetings via Zoom, sharing and answering questions

✓ 3 one-on-one coaching sessions with Ami

✓ 20% discount on retreats and workshops

*€48 /month on a month-to-month basis.
Don’t worry; you do not have to pay yet.



Hear you will find the most common answers to your questions regarding our program.



How big are the groups?

8 to 22 persons.

How much time do I need to set aside?

1 live video meeting every fortnight. 

1 videolesson per week.

Daily meditation and mindfulness excercises, about 15 min per day.

Doing excercises in the work book, about 10 min per day.

Journaling, about 10 min per day.

What happens if I change my mind?

You have up to a month to change your mind, receiving a full refund should you wish to opt out.

How do the online group meetings work?

You will get a link to the zoom meetings sent to your mail address. The meetings are recorded and can be viewed and reviewed by the participants. It’s useful if you could not attend a meeting. The videos will not however be posted externally, outside the group community, to keep the privacy and integrity of the students.  



Can I give the program as a present to someone?

Definetely, what a great gift!

I have a company, could I receive an invoice?

Yes, that’s perfectly fine. It will be issued from our Swedish company. 

Do you offer company programs and talks?

Yes, we tailormake programs, workshops and talks to suit your specific needs. Contact me on hello@theamieffect.com to book a meeting. 



Do you tailor make programs for groups, schools and associations?

Yes, I like to develop wellness programs together, for your specific conditions, goals and needs. Contact me for a meeting hello@theamieffect.com

Can i be rejected to join?

To be able to create a good balanced group dynamic, we are selective when signing up new participants. If you are interested in joining our programs, you will fist have a discovery call to find out if the program and group is a right match for you.

Should a current group not be a good match for you, we will put you up on a waiting list and infrom you as soon as we have a more suitable group for you.

How do you treat me personal information and the things I share?

Privacy is important to us, your data is not shared with any third party and the content of the community, the chat and the zoom meetings are not spread further. Everyone in the group signs a confidentiality agreement to protect your privacy, as well as the privacy of the group. A safe environment where everyone’s privacy is respected helps everyone show their vulnerability and share from the heart.

Do I get a diploma when I have compleated the program?

Yes, we offer diplomas. You will not be rated with grades, however it takes perticipation and engagement to get the diploma.