Hej Lite Om Mig Ami Elsius Life Coach Andlig Mentor

A bit about me

From dream, to nightmare, to awakening…

Health, personal and spiritual development have been my guiding star throughout my life and I have tried many different meditation techniques, yoga traditions, retreats, health cures, various exercises and deep states, as well as held several meditation circles. Through life I have had many insights and direct experiences of unity, peace and pure love.

But, it wasn’t until I lost the most important things in my life, everything that I loved and held dear; my child,  my home, all my belongings, even the work equipment and my identity and dreams were totally shattered, that I truly began to discover who I really am.



But, the dream quickly turned into a nightmare as the man began to behave increasingly more abusive and violent. The happy image you could see around town and on social media hid the dark truth all too well.

Once she left her husband, for all the right reasons, but in all the wrong ways, that’s when the real hell broke loose.

Lawyers and psychologists familiar with Ami’s situation say they have never seen such an unfair, brutal and dirty case as hers.


Ami managed to go from scared, weak and traumatised, with post-traumatic stress disorder, to feeling peace, inner strength and joy in the midst of it all, despite her circumstances not improving, rather the opposite.

After identifying the insights, tools and exercises that made all the difference and condensing it down to the most essential ingredients, Ami developed the HAPPY FREE program. A process that can be applied by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Ami wants to share her discovery and experience, so that you too can find your joy, peace and strength, in any difficult life situation or period, without the circumstances actually needing to change.

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Note that:

What Ami is showing and pointing to, comes from her direct experiences and is not based upon any specific teaching, religion, technique, school or tradition. 

Ami is not a doctor, not a trained psychologist or psychiatrist. Her methods and exercises should be seen as a complement to already ongoing treatments and medication and should therefore not be considered a substitute.

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 My why, vision and mission

This is not a job for me, it is my passion, mission and purpose in life.


To inspire people to get to know themselves deeply and show a simple and direct path to better self-confidence, greater presence, deeper security and a happier mood.

To assist as many people as possible, to be able to face, manage and overcome difficult life situations and periods.

To show how you can heal from trauma and mental heath problems, even when you are in the middle of the storm.

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I see a world where the majority of humanity has self-awareness, feels safe, happy and curious, where we treat ourselves, each other, animals and nature with respect, love, patience and gratitude.

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The origin of “The Ami Effect”

The word Ami has a significance in all my 3 languages. In Swedish it’s my name. In English “Ami” contains booth the question and the answer:  –Am I?  –I am. In Italian Ami means  “You Love.

What does “The Ami Effect” mean?

–When you are in the middle of the storm, but experience total peace and stillness.

–When you realise that you do not need anything or anyone to be happy, safe and free.

–When your ego has been crushed, but you notice how your inner light shines through the cracks.

–When your heart has been broken, but you realise that its just growing-pains so that you can love deeper and fuller.

–When it feels like you’ve lost everything, but discover the true riches of life.

–When you courageously dare to face that which is hard and painful and a peaceful stillness present itself.

The Ami Effect Pogram Kurser Coaching Sjalvkarlek Livsgladje Bra Sjalvkansla Harmoni 2


Facts, interests and experiences

Loves to climb trees, paint, dance, dive and snorkel.

Has been attacked by spears on an uninhabited island.

Hasn’t had a TV in years.

Stopped eating meat in 1993.

Often rode helicopters as a child.

Learned to weld in my teens (mig, tig, arc and oxy).

Has been bitten by a wide variety of creepy crawlies.

Rarely carries a purse.

Prefers nature over cities, camping over cruise ships and hardware stores over shoe stores.

Acts like a magnet for all kinds of animals.

Believes most things are possible until proven otherwise.

Is not very fond of desserts, cakes and pastries.

Speaks fluent Swedish, English and Italian.

Is slowly learning Arabic and French.

Has never tried golf.

Talks a lot with her hands.

Usually has silver tape and a knife available.

Once got a hammerhead shark on the hook, using only a hand-line in a dinghy.

Taught hang gliding as a teenager.

Easily gets carsick but rarely seasick.

Sometimes practice doing different things with both hands at the same time, such as brushing her teeth and painting her toenails simultaneously.

Totally wholy and fully loves her child, elephants, the sea, Mount Etna, tropical waterfalls, the Swedish west coast, her family and white cactus fruits.

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In addition to attending Ami’s lectures, workshops, retreats or participating in a comprehensive program, you can also be inspired from home.

Watch Ami’s videos, download a course or book a private coaching session.


Ami has her base in both Italy and Sweden


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